Services Overview

Consultiative study

Our staff will provide consulting services to develop a system to meet your specifications for everything from a template driven content management system to extensive back end print reporting.

Implementation Strategy

We have extensive experience in implementing and deploying print on demand systems on a worldwide basis. Coordination of order entry, shipment tracking, installation, online training/mentoring and on ongoing help desk support ensure for a smooth and timely implementation.

ROI - System Cost Analysis

TMS can help generate an ROI and system cost analysis based on a combination of internal operating conditions and technology. We take into consideration all major variables to determine the most cost effective solution within our client’s environment.


Our back end reporting system allows for tracking of supplies and labor costs as well as the ability to generate detailed reports on media usage, customer data and more. This easy to use system gives your greater insight to your profitability and areas for improvement.

Equipment Recommendations

Selecting the correct equipment and software are key components to maintaining profitability and controlling operating costs. TMS will make recommendations for the appropriate combination based on specific data from our lab results ensuring that the most cost effective solution is delivered.


Our customer service representatives handle the inflow of orders and help recommend or troubleshoot media application issues specific to each project. We also employ highly qualified, factory trained, technicians who staff our help desk/phone support on all equipment and software we sell.

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Reduce Costs While Increasing Output

Reduce Process Costs, increase product

Many users still tend to focus on the final print “cost per page” in assessing production costs. The real cost of documents, however, is embodied in the time, resources, and money spent in document processing. We can help reduce these process costs - while delivering more customized/localized, just-in-time output when and where you need it.

Create Long Lasting Relationships

Our template-based systems allow users to create brand-standardized templates that can be customized and localized to your accounts, creating a mutually beneficial partnership for your business.